You are invited to participate in an important national study that will help researchers, health systems and healthcare providers better understand, treat and prevent Coronavirus (COVID-19) short and long-term.  As part of this study, you will be emailed a short survey every 2 weeks for 2 years since long-term data is critical for understanding this virus.  You will be asked questions about your health, COVID-19 testing status, access to healthcare, access to necessities (e.g. medications, food) and use of preventive measures.

You will also have an option to share certain responses with your healthcare provider (if your healthcare provider is participating in the study).  If you have an interest in being part of other online or local COVID-19 treatment and social studies, you will also have an option to be made aware of studies.

Please register below and you will receive an email with next steps to start the study (see our privacy policy – bottom of page).

    Together we can control and stop COVID-19!