For Medical Practices – Altura Support Services

COVID-19 – Early Detection and Communication Resources

Altura is able to enhance your COVID-19 prevention effort.  We have 20 years of experience engaging over 1 million people for better health.

  • Use the tools and services you need, when you need them.
  • Supports proactive communication to identify and act on potential COVID-19 cases.
  • Supports communication with high-risk patients that may need support with medication or food supply.
  • Supports assessments for COVID-19 exposure, travel locations and symptoms (e.g. fever, cough sore throat, shortness of breath).

For Patients – Important Studies and Surveys

You can play a big role in understanding this virus so we can treat and prevent effectively. Information will help researchers and doctors learn about how we can contain COVID-19 short and long-term.  Join us today with one of the 3 options below.  We can beat this together!

  1. Participate in a study that includes on-going surveys to share your experience, needs and feedback related to COVID-19  click here.  (privacy compliant – identifiable information not shared)
  2. Download the HCP Studies app to view and share online or local studies anytime and anywhere (desktop version available) click here. 
  3. Participate in clinical studies for new COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. Join thousands of people to be part of the COVID-19 solution register here.

Please see important links and our twitter feed below for the latest news and information regarding COVID-19.

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