sponsor-thumb1Numerous surveys show that patients want their healthcare provider (HCP) aware of or involved in offering health studies. However, only an estimated 3% of HCPs participate in clinical trials. Low HCP involvement has led to a similarly low patient participation rate of less than 10%.

Since 2000, Altura has supported more than 350 studies and 500 study sites in order to engage, secure and maintain patients for clinical trials and other health studies. Our HIPAA-compliant services and technology have been developed with feedback from thousands of patients, HCPs and study sites.

Customers seeking to maximize study participation of patients and HCPs include:

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Biotech Companies
  • Medical Device Companies
  • Nutrition Companies
  • Patient Advocacy Groups
  • Technology Companies
  • Healthcare Foundations
  • Employers
  • Health Plans

Altura is able to support inpatient or outpatient studies and projects in every therapeutic area:

  • Phase I-IV Clinical Trials (FDA and NIH)
  • FDA Post Marketing Commitment Studies
  • Outcomes Studies
  • Patient Centered Outcomes
  • Comparative Effectiveness Studies
  • Technology Assessment Studies (e.g. Health Apps, Wearables)
  • Real World/Observational Studies
  • Surveys for Protocol Optimization
  • Investigator Initiated Studies
  • Patient Support, Surveys and Management

Below is a partial list of our services and proprietary tools.


Patient Engagement and Study Life Cycle Management

Altura’s Patient Study Lifecycle™ system is a proven comprehensive method for identifying, engaging, processing, retaining and maintaining patients for studies. Our Patient Connect™ service includes a bilingual team that engages patients through a HIPAA-compliant process. We utilize technology such as electronic medical records, advanced patient communication systems and portals.

Healthcare Provider Engagement and Management

HCP Studies™ is a HIPAA-compliant mobile application that has been built to help engage the 97% of HCPs who do not participate in health studies such as clinical trials. HCP Studies™ provides an easy way to quickly find enrolling studies in a local area. Easier access to study information, patient transfer to study site and patient tracking leads to greater HCP participation.


Prescreening Tracking and Analytics

Altura’s Results Connect™ technology captures site-based prescreening activity and results for every call, prescreen or chart review. The data can be used by sites to adjust tactics and resources real-time to enhance performance.