“Studies are important, if it doesn’t help me now it will help others later. Let me know what other programs are right for me.”
– Depression Patient

“I like being asked about my COPD and that I have help when I need it most.”
– COPD Patient

“I know I need a colonoscopy so thanks for reminding me of the importance and walking me through next steps.”
– Colorectal Cancer Screening Patient

Supporting People’s Health Journey

In today’s value-based healthcare environment, one of the easiest ways to improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes is to offer additional health resources, programs and study opportunities to your patients.

Altura’s flexible services and technology have been developed with feedback from health system leaders and healthcare providers (HCPs). Altura deploys a continuous learning and improvement model that includes feedback from patients and all healthcare stakeholders. All services include our Results Connect™ reporting and metric platform.

Flexible Technology and Services


Virtual Patient Engagement
& Communication

  • Patient-centric communication
  • Supports P4P & Star measures
  • Engages high/cost & high/need to support cost reduction
  • Highly trained in-house team
  • Outbound & inbound calls
  • Multi-lingual team (e.g. Spanish)
  • Triage to care team as required


Mobile Platform for Health Experience Surveys

  • Available for HCPs & patients
  • Disease experience & satisfaction surveys
  • Bulk send feature for large numbers
  • Flags sent to care team same day
  • Ability to send surveys on-demand
  • Surveys can include phone numbers & website links to direct care

Project Management

Customized Support for Teams & Projects

  • Project mapping & planning
  • Survey development
  • Custom metrics & reports
  • Ensuring progress & results
  • Saves teams time & increases patient feedback
  • Quick adjustments to react to team & project needs

Bringing it All Together

We work with health plans, medical groups and employers to engage patients and bolster their
own community health ecosystems with these services.