Improving Patient Activation: Case Studies from Parkinson’s Disease
Journal of America’s Physicians Groups, August 2019

Physician groups (PGs) are well-positioned to be patient-centered change leaders. Although PGs contend with organizational, financial, and cultural barriers to providing consumer-driven healthcare, groups that consistently overcome these barriers will see significant benefits. Patient experience depends not only on clinical skills, practice workflow, and environment, but also on patient engagement and activation—defined as the knowledge, skill, and confidence to self-manage care. Patients who are actively engaged in their own care have better outcomes, require less-costly care, and are more satisfied. SEE MORE (opens PDF for review or download)

FDA Approval No Longer Device Makers’ Last Step
Orange County Business Journal, August 8, 2019

Value-based care, the healthcare model designed to incentivize providers to improve patient recovery and reduce costs is not news in California as the state is an early adopter of the Affordable Care Act. The shift is also changing the approach to new product adoption. Altura’s CEO Pete Fronte has noted a consistent rise in the number of post-FDA approval clinical studies of medication and devices. SEE MORE (opens PDF for review or download)

Summit Medical Group to Implement Altura’s Novel HCP Studies™ Mobile Platform to Support Expanding Patient Access to Clinical Studies

Mission Viejo, CA and Berkeley Heights, NJ, JUNE 13, 2018 – Altura, the pioneer in expanding participation in health-related studies by streamlining connections between patients, healthcare providers (HCPs) and healthcare organizations, today announced that Summit Medical Group has agreed to implement the company’s HCP StudiesTM mobile platform across its growing medical practice. Summit Medical Group is New Jersey’s largest physician-owned medical group with more than 800 HCPs representing over 80 medical specialties. As part of the agreement, the group will utilize Altura’s HCP StudiesTM as a conduit to inform and encourage participation in its expanding clinical research efforts throughout the group’s ecosystem of HCPs. SEE MORE – click on link

Clinical Studies: What they are, and why should you care. Today’s Health Community radio show: February 2, 2018

This week on Today’s Healthy Community, host Rebekka VanNess interviews Pete Fronte, CEO of Altura. Did you know that there are different types of studies and not all research involves medication? Pete Fronte is the founder and President/CEO of Altura. He shares why medical studies, of all types, are so important to the future of healthcare and how both patients and healthcare provider (HCP) benefit from studies. SEE MORE AND TO LISTEN – click on link

The Enrollment Rescue Dilemma: How Sponsors and Sites Can Make the Most of a Tough Situation: Applied Clinical Trials, September 7, 2017

Studies in “enrollment rescue mode” present dilemmas for sponsors, CROs and sites alike. While the sponsor ultimately has the most to gain or lose if a trial fails to achieve its enrollment goals, there are several ramifications to the study site that are often not considered. Sites invest a lot of time and resources to get up and running only to find that the trial is difficult to enroll or is ultimately terminated. SEE MORE – click on link or download PDF

Desert Oasis Healthcare Establishes Center for Research and Healthcare Innovation Featuring Altura’s HCP Studies™ Mobile Platform: Press Release, April 19, 2017

Desert Oasis Healthcare (DOHC), a California-based Physician Group within the Heritage Provider Network, today announced the establishment of a Center for Research and Healthcare Innovation (DCRI). Created in collaboration with partner Altura, the DCRI is designed to build upon the long-standing clinical trial resources at DOHC. By implementing Altura’s Study Engagement PlatformTM, DCRI will expand DOHC’s capabilities to support observational studies, healthcare technology assessments, and patient and healthcare provider (HCP) quality surveys. Importantly, DCRI will leverage Altura’s HCP StudiesTM mobile/portal platform as a conduit to inform and encourage participation throughout the DOHC ecosystem of HCPs. SEE MORE – click on link

Healthcare Innovation and Practice Transformation through Clinical Studies: The Role of Physician Groups: CAPG Health Journal, June 2015

Today, many organizations, including employers, government agencies, foundations, health systems, insurers, and pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies are supporting or performing real-world studies and clinical trials to better understand how to improve healthcare costs, quality and access. Since clinical data and large numbers of patients and physicians are required, these studies are best conducted in structured, coordinated healthcare settings. SEE MORE (opens PDF for review or download)