Whether you are a life science company, CRO, healthcare organization or a study site, attracting, screening, and enrolling qualified participants quickly is often costly and inefficient.

Altura’s Study Engagement Platform™ is a proven, comprehensive system for identifying, engaging, processing, and retaining patients for studies.  With HCP Studies™, patient support/advocacy groups, caregivers, HCPs and other community stakeholders have a quick way to find studies. It provides easier access to study information and the ability to quickly send study info, thereby increasing study awareness and enrollment.

Below is a list of our customizable services and proprietary tools. These are HIPAA compatible and include a rich set of metrics and reports.

The Altura Difference

  • >70% increase in qualified patients.
  • 74% of patients from ads provide an HCP name to help involve more patients.
  • 98% of patient calls or study inquiries returned within 24 hours.
  • 100% of patients reconciled from Altura contact.
  • Increased patients contacted from 20% to 95%.
  • Not interested rate 60-70% lower than other methods of screening (e.g. site, typical call center).
  • Time reduction from phone call to screening visit ranges from 1.5 months to 3 months.
  • Site satisfaction: 93% very good to excellent.

Flexible Technology and Services


Specialized Patient Screening
& Communication

  • Patient-centric communication
  • Ability to work from EMRs, lists & ads
  • Highly trained in-house team
  • Outbound & inbound calls
  • Patient retention support & satisfaction surveys
  • Multi-lingual team (e.g. Spanish)
  • Valuable metrics & reports


Mobile Platform for Study
Awareness Anytime & Anywhere

  • Easy to use & access within seconds
  • Available for HCPs & patients
  • Ensures point-of-care awareness
  • Supports patient retention
  • Ability to easily send IRB approved study info (websites, videos, flyers)
  • Call or email study lead
  • Send & track patients sent


Outreach to Increase Study Engagement & Awareness

  • Expands & maintains community study awareness
  • Sites can suggest HCPs & patient support groups (SGs) from their internal or external network
  • Altura sources for HCPs & SGs in the communities surrounding sites
  • Saves sites time & expands reach

We Strive to Overcome Common Enrollment Challenges

Most patients prefer to learn about study opportunities from their healthcare providers (HCPs), but many HCPs are too busy to do the research and/or do not have easy access to the information they need to determine whether or a not a particular study is a good fit for their patient.


Additionally, study sites are critical to study operations, but have limited time to conduct outreach or high-volume prescreening.