Altura at a Glance

  • 20-year proven history supporting 500+ healthcare organizations & study sites
  • 400+ studies (e.g. phase I-IV, observational, outcomes) & quality initiatives supported
  • 1 million+ patients connected (broad range of conditions)
  • 5,000+ healthcare professionals (HCPs: doctors, nurses, PAs/NPs, pharmacists, therapists, etc.) engaged
  • Expertise in connecting patients, health systems, and community HCPs to health studies & resources
  • Validated tools and technology utilizing HIPAA compliant mobile platform, EMR & cloud solutions

We began our journey to support patients, healthcare providers (HCPs), life science companies, and healthcare systems in 1998. At the time, Altura’s founder, Pete Fronte, saw the frustration that cancer and diabetes patients encountered when seeking studies to address their medical conditions. Few patients and HCPs were involved with studies and there was little information about those that were available.

Altura was founded in 2000 to help create the link needed to connect people with clinical and health-related studies. For over two decades, we have been pioneers in expanding participation in health studies by connecting patients, HCPs, and healthcare systems to research organizations.

With our experience and expertise, we have created the required connections for healthcare systems, HCPs, patients, patient support/advocacy groups, and research organizations to improve health through health-related studies, programs, and resources.

We also help to support quality initiatives such as cancer screening. Using our passionate team, flexible technology and services, it is our mission to enable ecosystems to support engagement for better health.


“Research is Creating New Knowledge” – Neil Armstrong

Altura’s Area of Focus